No room at the inn for some people with severe mental health conditions that are too much for the system to handle

It’s winter in the Northeast, people who have been living outside or who are only marginally housed have to get serious about where they are going to stay for the winter.

For many, this means going to the homeless shelter, something they can avoid during the spring and summer months…

Virulent Anti-vaxxer Gets Viral Infection

Allen West is seeking to challenge Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to see who can best thwart any and all precautions that could be used to slow the spread of the coronavirus and kill as many Texans as possible.

West, former Texas Republican Party chairman, is a flame-thrower who fear-mongers…

California recall vote

Talk show host and race hustler hopes to lead California off a cliff

Larry Elder, a right-wing radio personality who just a few months ago said he did not have the drive nor the temperament to be governor, is the front runner in the California recall vote against Democratic governor Gavin Newsom.

The MAGA crowd loves hearing their bigoted ideas coming out of…

Religious nationalism

Republican politicians get a free pass

Since becoming President, Joe Biden has attended mass every Sunday at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown, in keeping with his routine when he lived in Washington DC during the Obama years as vice-president.

His personal devotion to his faith is not going to be enough to shield him from…

US immigration policy

AOC calls on Harris to drop failed US policy toward migrants

Kamala Harris made her first overseas trip as vice president to Guatemala. A technical problem initially forced the plane to return to the airport and the trip was resumed a few hours later.

Harris’ trip experienced technical problems of a different kind when she landed and began speaking to the…

Frances Taylor

former journalist, writer, observer activist

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